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The good news is that the number of work-related burns in Minnesota that required hospitalization dropped in the decade between 2000 and 2010. These are the worst burns, which might result in long recovery periods and even disfigurement. The rate of burns is still significant enough that The Minnesota Department of Health says that continued surveillance and safety programs are needed to further reduce the number of work-related burns.

Even burns that do not require an overnight stay in the hospital can result in repeated medical treatment, lost wages, and permanent scars. Your employer’s insurance company might try to settle with you for a dollar amount that is really not adequate to cover all of your losses and pain. A Minnesota burn lawyer will make sure that you receive a just settlement that does compensate you for medical treatment, lost wages, physical pain, stress, and many other expenses you will incur.

US and Minnesota Burn Facts

  • There are an estimated 150,000 burns bad enough to require hospitalization in the US each year.
  • 30 – 40% of all burns are work-related.
  • The number of work-related burns in Minnesota that required hospitalization decreased from 2.5/100,000 workers in 2000 to .9/100,000 workers in 2010.
  • These statistics might be skewed because they only include hospital discharge papers that include payment from worker’s compensation.

The Minnesota Department of Health admits that not all workers file workers’ compensation claims because they may rely on public or private insurance. This figure also does not include independent contractors, other workers, and private individuals who do not qualify for workers’ compensation even though they may very well be entitled to compensation because of negligence. This data also only emphasizes work-related burns, and many others might be entitled to compensation because of the negligence or even deliberate actions of the person or organization responsible for fires, explosions, or toxic chemicals.

Types of Burns

  • Thermal burns
  • First, Second and Third degree burns
  • Chemical burns

The road to total recovery can be a long one for burn victims. You might need months of medical treatment and rehabilitation. You might not be able to work at your former job. You also could need assistance with transportation, child care, and other family obligations. Stress from this situation could even require assistance from mental health professionals. A Minnesota burn lawyer can help you get compensated for your expenses so this situation does not put you and your family in financial jeopardy.

Why You Need a Burn Attorney in Minnesota

If you have been burned in a fire, explosion, or by toxic chemicals, you may very well need a burn & scar attorney to help you understand the type of just compensation that you are entitled to. You should contact one of these burn injury attorneys as soon as possible to make sure you get the right services as quickly as possible. A good burn and scar injury attorney can make sure you get the right medical treatment quickly, help you file a lawsuit, and stand by you through every step in the process.

You can contact one of these burn injury lawyers for a free initial consultation. This gives you a chance to discuss the merits of your case, understand the process, and find out about additional services you might be able to receive even before your suit is filed. These caring and professional burn and scar lawyers have a lot of experience helping people who have suffered from burn injuries.

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