Minnesota Premises Liability Attorney

Any time you are on someone’s property and they are responsible for your well-being, they can be held liable if something happens to you or your family if certain circumstances exist. For instance, you go to a hotel and you hand them your credit card, trusting them with the security of you and your family. It is their responsibility to provide you with a room that is safe and secure. If the door lock breaks, then you lose control of your surroundings and you become vulnerable. If they don’t exercise proper security measures and you’re injured, then they are making you vulnerable to a number of dangers.

If you or a family member has been injured when staying at a resort, motel, hotel, bed and breakfast, or on another piece of property you were given permission to be on and you were injured by a third party, you may be eligible to receive compensation. Your Minneapolis personal injury lawyer can help you determine if you are eligible and what you are eligible for.

Types Of Premises Liability Claims

There are different types of incidents that can occur. They include:

  • Assault
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Falling objects
  • Elevator injuries
  • Escalator injuries

Of course, there are more causes for injuries, but these are the most common. Even if you have doubts about your claim, it is a must to talk to your Minnesota premises liability lawyer to determine whether or not you can pursue damages.

The Responsibilities Of Property Owners

Property owners do have a certain set of responsibilities when it comes to keeping guests on their property safe. To determine these responsibilities, the visitors to a property are divided into three categories:

  • Trespassers – These are the individuals who enter a person’s property without the owner’s permission. If these individuals must be removed via excessive force, any injuries they try to claim cannot be considered a premises liability claim. They were not rightfully on the property.
  • Invitees – These are the individuals who are invited to be on the property for business or commercial reasons. These individuals can be customers in a store, clients, or they can be vendors. They can also be hotel guests. It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain a high level of safety for these individuals and warn them about any dangers they may not immediately pick up upon. All reasonable steps must be taken to protect them. If they are not, then the invitee has the right to file a claim via their Minneapolis personal injury lawyer.
  • Licensees – These are individuals that are invited onto a property for social reasons and never for commercial reasons. The property owner is only responsible for a licensee’s injuries if they had knowledge or should have had knowledge of the risks on their property and failed to properly warn those individuals.

Whether or not a claim can be filed depends upon the circumstances that exist in the accident, who the individuals were, etc. Contact your attorney to find out if you have a claim.

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