I met Mr. Dorshow many years ago after I had an automobile accident and severely hurt my back. The insurance company told me that the accident was my fault and they would provide no compensation. I knew it wasn’t my fault. A few other attorneys told me my case was too difficult to pursue. Mr. Dorshow looked at the situation, he got to know me, and we actually became friends. Attorney Bryce Johnson tried my case in court, as the large insurance company refused to make an offer. The jury gave us a significant recovery and I will always be grateful — of course, we continue to be great friends.

Donald Walker, St. Paul, MN

As a 20 year old person, I had no real experience with being involved in any type of accident. One day I was walking down a small side street near my parents’ home when I heard a loud roar. I turned and saw a motorcycle down the street that was coming toward me. I was off to the side of the road and didn’t think much of it. All of a sudden, the next thing I remember is waking up in the ditch. The motorcycle had hit me and crashed. I had a severely broken ankle and it took months and several surgeries to recover. The insurance company said that the accident was just as much my fault because they said I was walking too far into the street and on the wrong side of the road. Mr. Dorshow litigated this matter and was actually able to prove that I was walking on the gravel shoulder and that this was the only practical area I could have been walking on at the time. He and his law firm made a significant recovery for me, allowing for all of the medical bills to be paid and providing me with financial assistance so that I could move on and search out new job opportunities for the future. He was great!

Kayla Betland, Coon Rapids, MN

I came here many years ago from another country and was involved in a significant car crash. A friend recommended Mr. Dorshow and I went to meet him. I had never been involved in a situation before where I had been injured, and being from another country, I was scared to be involved in the legal system. He assured me that I had rights like everyone else, and, after his investigation, he concluded that the defendant was clearly negligent and that he would help me. It was obvious to me that, after he got involved, the insurance company finally took my claim seriously. Before that time, they would not even return my phone calls. In the end, he was able to secure a significant outcome. Most importantly, he was able to assure my family during that time that everything would be just fine. He was right!

Andi Olusow, Minneapolis, MN

Some 30 years ago I had the bad luck of being in an automobile crash. I guess at the same time I had the good luck of meeting Allen Griffel because he took care of me then. I wasn’t able to work for a month and he got the insurance company to pay me for that. He got my medical bills paid. Mr. Griffel got me and my husband a tidy settlement. Since that time he has represented my children recently my grandchildren. He is our family attorney and I am happy about that.

W. Davis, St. Paul, MN

In 1984 I had the need for a personal injury attorney and I simply did not know who to call. I contacted my divorce attorney and she recommended Allen Griffel. He handled my case like a true professional and kept me informed every step of the way. I was so impressed that when I and my children were involved in another automobile accident, I did not hesitate to call upon him again. He genuinely has passion and commitment in what he does. He is extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and was with me and my family all the way. Simply put, he really does care.

Inge Sebyan Black, CPP, CFE, CPOI
CanAm Security Risk Group, LLC
Board Certified Security Management Professional